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“Tell Us About Your Research” contest concluded

Organized by METU Office of Science Communication, the “Tell Us About Your Research” contest took place on Saturday, December 23. The students qualified for the contest presented their research topics to the jury members consisting of children and answered the questions asked by kids.

Middle East Technical University was awarded the second place in the 2023 Interuniversity Energy Efficiency Competition (ÜNVER-2), organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Council of Higher Education. In the competition aiming to increase information exchange between universities and encourage new studies on energy efficiency, the practices of universities regarding energy efficiency in 2022 were evaluated.

The contestants presented their research topics to six jury members whose ages ranging from 6 to 15. Each participant was given three minutes to explain their topic. Subsequently, contestants had two minutes to answer the curious questions coming from the young jury members. The votes of the jury member kids as well as the audience were evaluated by the Scientific Advisory Board consisting of METU academics Dr. Volkan Şahin, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bahar Öz, and Prof. Dr. Altuğ Özpineci.

Winners of the contest announced

As a result of the final stage of the contest coordinated by Dr. İlhami Buğdaycı from the Office of Science Communication and hosted by Merve Aytekin from the Center for Society and Science Research, Melisa Yaşın won the first prize with her research titled “Orientalism through Disney Characters: Examples of Alaaddin, Mulan, and Aristocats” and received 15,000 TL. İlkyaz Deniz Bilgiç took the second place with her research topic “Verbal and Gestural Factors in Parent-Child Communication,” earning 10,000 TL, while Hakan Yalçın secured the third place with his research titled “I’m on the Road and Not Lost,” receiving 5,000 TL. Lastly, Çağrı Yıldırım took the fourth place with his topic titled “METUVERSE” and received the Special Prize in Science Communication, a 3,000 TL gift voucher.

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